Bloggers: What I Do When Creativity Runs Dry


My last post, Vintage Makeup was fun to write and I tend to feel that after an inspired post the next is the hardest to put together. Fortunately, thinking about this has led me to this idea! When I was running my other blog (Aymie Louise), I picked up quite a few tips for when inspiration runs dry and I would love to share my thought process for when this happens.

  • I like to step outside and go for a long walk, I stick some music on and leave all social media behind. Sometimes it’s difficult to think when a million things are influencing you and pesky Facebook videos are distracting you (maybe that’s just me!).
  • After clearing my head, my first port of call is to check out what other bloggers are writing about, this is NOT about copying. What you really want to do is try to notice what is trending and see if there’s a way you can expand on that. What could I possibly contribute to this idea? Could it be simplified for beginners to understand? Do my readers want something more? All great questions to ask!
  • Make a mood board, you can do this on Pinterest or you can stick some photos into a scrapbook – either way it’s easier to think about the direction your blog is going if you have what you want in front of you. I recently read a book about colour psychology and I think that it’s a subject that more bloggers should check out as it can be a source of inspiration.
  • Carry a notebook with you wherever you go, inspiration can strike at anytime so if you’re stuck in a rut you can step back and go out with friends. Whilst you’re out you might think of something or you might find a great backdrop for a post, either way, if you’re out – so is your blog! Having a notebook there to write notes can help you draft a few points on the go.
  • Have you got an interactive audience? If so, ask what they want from your blog or what topic they want to know more about. You could even do a Q & A which could bring up a topic you didn’t consider but think it’s right for your personal brand.
  • Share the love! Make a list of your favourite up and coming bloggers, whilst you’re checking out the hidden gems of the internet you might find inspiration anyway but people starting up need the support of people who already have an influence over a larger audience.

North Close

I hope that this post has been helpful and I would love to hear about any posts that spring up as a result! Watch this space because there’s a lot more to come and I’m so thankful for the support that I’ve received already.



  1. These are great tips, I find I am awful getting distracted. I have managed to plan ahead which I have never done and it is a great weight off my mind. Another good tip is there is a National Calendar app, sometimes helps for inspiration and also says what hashtags to use. Loving the rebrand xx

    Stacey |

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