The Re-brand vs. The Old Brand

My Old Blog

Out of curiosity I decided to check out which of my posts from my old blog had the best stats and I got a bit of a shock. Aymie Louise hit 83,000 views during my break from blogging. Truthfully, I didn’t know whether to be happy or to cry. I wasn’t happy with the format or a good amount of the content that I wrote so when I chose to go back, this blog was born. Admittedly though, I did have a good number that I was proud of on that page too.

  • First up is my BKLYN hat collaboration, I particularly enjoyed writing this one because I had fun styling the product. Also, I was feeling particularly confident at the time so it showed through the way talked about it.
  • On this blog I won’t be doing direct reviews but back on the other site I did quite a few. When I reviewed the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask it was received particularly well. I loved trying out the product and I felt like it was an easy write!
  • The next post I want to mention is a list post; 10 Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers. If I remember correctly, this one was part of a series but I feel like it is rather relevant to this blog. Back when it was written, posts like this were all over and many bloggers had their own take on blogging ideas pieces. IMG_20160319_183901
  • Strangely enough, the most popular post on my old blog was a sponsored post with Ooharr. I wrote this one when I was having issues with my skin and a lot of people could empathise with that. I did actually quite like this product and I’ve reused their masks since.
  • The fifth and final post that I want to mention is still topical today. Should bloggers disclose their information? I hope to write more about the practical implications of blogging as I go on, this post however, was rather personal and my own experiences with telling people that I was a blogger cropped up.

So there we have it, an ode to my old blog, may it rest in peace. Whilst 83,000 views is insane I am very pleased with my decision to start anew. Has anyone else re-branded? I would love to know how you got on and how you rebuilt your image if you have a moment to comment!


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