Skin Stories: A Life Long Struggle With Eczema


It’s nice to get back to writing this series, I have enjoyed doing my research and learning about the ways that people have struggled through their skin problems. Just a quick disclaimer before I get started, I am not a dermatologist but I will be speaking to people who have these skin conditions to get some answers. This week I’m talking about eczema, more specifically, the skin story of my best friend Autumn and how she has overcome her confidence issues stemming from it.

Eczema has always been a struggle for me growing up. I couldn’t wear makeup because it caked up in all the wrong areas, you could see the creases in my under eyes and my flakey forehead became even more prominent when I had extra products on.

Eczema is characteristically a skin condition that causes dry, flaky, itchy and occasionally cracked skin. I’ve been told this means that a lot of people who suffer from eczema feel uncomfortable and limited in what they wear and the products that they use. Eczema is not something that is limited to the face, sometimes it can be found on the elbows, knees, wrists, hands, feet and also in other areas.

Having oily skin myself, this issue was something that I don’t personally understand but I know from talking to Autumn about it in the past that it’s a heavy source of frustration. She tried a multitude of ways to even out the texture of her skin, many creams and ointments but nothing suited her. E45 Cream is the common recommendation for people who have eczema but many find that whilst it does help to moisturise their skin, it is rather heavy. Some people have even said that creams such as the E45 treatments make it more difficult to deal with.

What I have picked up from looking at chatrooms on TheStudentRoom and other Q & A sites is that the people who suffer from eczema don’t have one catch all method for skincare. Some people use aqueous cream, some people use E45, some use steroids and that’s just three of the ways that have been tried. Speaking to Autumn, she said that the only thing that has worked for her is products from The Body Shop; The Drops of Youth Liquid Peel, the Aloe Vera cleanser and the corresponding toner and cream. They work as a full routine and do transform the appearance of the skin, I have used the Drops of Youth Liquid Peel for my oily/combination skin and it did feel softer for Autumn describes it as her ‘holy grail’. Another good thing about The Body Shop is the fact that their products are animal cruelty free, not a great deal of main street products can’t say that with a clear conscience. There’s a petition against animal testing if you’re interested!

I hope that I’ve done this skin story justice as I know that so many people get upset or frustrated over eczema but I just want to make sure that everyone knows that they’re not alone. I feel passionate about this skin stories series so it would mean a lot to me if you could let me know your thoughts, let me know what you use in the comments and let’s get some conversation going. Next week we have Sulo from The Petite Damsel and her struggles with Rosacea, if you want to read my previous post in the series you can check it out here.


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