My Bad Experience With Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Hello and welcome to “I have more money than sense and I don’t even have much money”, today’s post is about something that I did on a whim. My bright idea this week was to freshen up my hair colour by applying a fresh blue semi-permanent dye over the existing composition. The colours that the hairdresser put in had already started to fade so I thought that having a more even shade over the top would make the bright colour last longer. I had been watching YouTube videos where girls were using the brand Arctic Fox and I was quite excited to try it out for myself. Unfortunately, I was left quite disappointed.


So, my first impression was more or less based around the smell which is a really nice candy grape scent. I couldn’t really see the colour in any area other than my roots as they were a brighter shade to begin with but I wasn’t worried because I was going off of the reviews. I started at the roots and worked my way down using both my fingers and a hair dye brush to get an even application. As you can see, I did end up covered in it but I wasn’t bothered because I chose to wear the purple jumper for a reason!


The image above is what the product looked like just before I washed it away, it wasn’t the most unpleasant dye to leave on my hair but I couldn’t really see how it was processing. Whilst I was in the shower, the colour ran out fairly quickly as I washed my hair out with colour care shampoo. The website for Arctic Fox said not to use conditioner so I didn’t and I really expected a more conditioning effect on hair for that reason but it wasn’t quite as nourishing as the Alfaparf that was used originally.


I’m embarrassed about how the colour turned out, quite clearly there is a dull greyish green patch in the back and I did notice a few areas that turned a similar colour underneath. I’m so disappointed in this brand and not just because of the hype that surrounds it, I expected so much more from it because it seemed to be similar in consistency and smell to Alfaparf which left my hair looking healthy and glossy. Arctic Fox turned my hair into a frizzy mess with odd colours and I’m so not here for the brand. I would love to know if you have had a similar experience with Arctic Fox or if you rate it as a top semi-permanent brand.



  1. Sorry to hear your colours faded, this is like the trouble I had. Is such a shame. I can’t believe how that Artic Fox has turned out that’s bad. I was using the New Directions for topping mine up, I used straight from the pot. That use to last a couple of washes but was good for when I needed a colour boost. From my hairdressing experience (used to be a qualified hairdresser) looking at your hair on the finished pic, you would need this bleaching again. Any semi over the top will go patchy, it needs a lighter base. This is the problem I had, where he didn’t bleach all of mine the same colour part was orange and part was so light, which when coloured pink some would come out bright pink and some peach. Hope you get it sorted lovely as nothing worse when your not happy with your hair xx

    Stacey |

    1. Thank you Stacey! I only really planned it as a boost but the results are less than what I desired! I have some manic panic hidden away but I might as well just let it fade until I get it done next so it’s easier to bleach. I think I’m going to be close friends with an updo for the next month. 😂 xx

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