My Top Tips For Travelling On A Budget

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To travel on a budget, research is a MUST. Get in with the culture of the country, navigate your destination like a local and pack like a pro. Keep reading to find out my top tips for travelling with a minimal cost, this post is a slightly more practical one!

  • Don’t travel at peak times, school holidays are always the busiest times of the year and unfortunately this means that the price sky rockets also.
  • Try not to choose a direct flight if you’re flying long haul, putting up with a few stopovers is a small price to pay in comparison with a direct flight. Similarly, check out your closest airport because sometimes there’s a closer place to fly from that doesn’t have the same expenditure as the main international airports.

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  • Avoid extra baggage costs by putting together a capsule wardrobe, in most countries you can probably buy budget clothing if you fancy a change whilst you’re abroad but you might as well save your space for the inbound flight.
  • Does your destination have a transport discount system? For example, in Hong Kong there’s an Oyster card which is used as a pay-as-you-go travel ticket (with a percentage off the total cost) that can also be used to buy groceries. Use Google to your advantage and find out what is available.
  • Check out the information desks in the airport for tour packages and cheaper tickets to theme parks or other attractions. Some of these packages could include freebies as well as the initial discount so it’s always worth a look upon arrival.
  • Is there an app for it? We have Groupon and Wowcher, the chances are that your destination will have a discount app to cut certain costs throughout your trip.

So there are my top tips for a cheaper holiday, if you have any tips of your own feel free to let me in the comments below! I’m always looking for ways to make my trip more economical so it would be much appreciated.


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