Hair Update: Blue, Purple & The Bizarre

hair colour cond

So since my last update, I was left with patchy and uneven hair as a result of a less than successful dye from Arctic Fox. Since then I have used two different dyes and a diluted version with conditioner. As the dyes I use are only semi-permanent, I haven’t really had any damage that I can see but I have had issues with colour bleeding EVERYWHERE. I’m talking bed sheets, scarves, tops, coats… Blue and purple is everything right now. Moving on… So after my original appointment I was disappointed by how much my colour faded, I love shocking people with my funky hair so I don’t want to have dull hair anymore.

Ombre blyh

After I used Poseidon by Arctic Fox, I moved on to Manic Panic but I used conditioner mixed with their shade Shocking Blue. I did the roots first and left them to soak up the dye before adding it to the ends, that gave me the ombre style as shown in the picture above. I loved the colouring that I had after doing this and it was certainly a step up from the mess that the first Arctic Fox colour left my hair. Manic Panic did not smell as nice but it did have a better result and I was much happier with how I looked.

Blue toilet selfie

The next image shows how my hair with a full coverage of the Shocking Blue without conditioner to dilute the colour. It felt less nourished but I preferred the colour of this one. I didn’t get a great deal of fading but the shade did change slightly and the brightness faded the roots. Shocking Blue gave me the closest colour to what I was aiming for, I was thinking Katy Perry in the Wide Awake music video and I think I got fairly close. It could have been a little bolder but it fit my inspiration a little closer than I was expecting.

Untitled design (9)

After my blog post about my first Arctic Fox disaster, their customer support team sent me a Purple Rain dye to try out. Apparently certain colours pick up better on your hair depending on texture and hair history. The picture is definitely not true to life, it’s more like that dark gothic purple that we all wore in the noughties. I’ve had some great feedback about this latest shade but blue is where my heart is and I fully plan on going blue once again.


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