Relaxation & Reflection


Some of you might have noticed that I’ve just returned from a little break from the online world, on that note, I would like to talk about why it’s important to have a little ‘me time’ and to know when to take a step back from everything. Whilst I only restarted my blog recently, as anyone with an online presence will know, social media and blogging can be all consuming and stressful at times. Pressure to come up with new and original content can tough so sometimes it’s best to just not force something and then you won’t come up with rubbish that you don’t believe in. Personally, I like to dip in and out of my writing to try and stave off the writers block.

Butterfly Pea

In my time away I have rejoined the gym, taken part in some classes, started walking a friends dog and rediscovered my love of loose leaf tea. My favoutite has to be butterfly pea tea at the moment which is something that I found out about in Hong Kong when I went to Share Tea and tried one of their slush type ice tea drinks. Everything about loose leaf tea just gives me relaxation vibes; the mixing, the brewing and the time out that I take to drink it – also, it’s way healthier than my usual coffee overdose! Anyway, the point that I wanted to make is that I felt like my inspiration was going stale and I needed to diversify my life again as I had been solidly working to a schedule that left no room for a social life.

Purple flower

When I was in my teens I didn’t really consider mental health as a factor that needed to considered in life and I was relatively ignorant when it came to talking about how I felt – unless I had a few rum and lemonades! Taking care of myself and personal improvement is something that comes naturally to me now and I know when it’s time to shut off and step back. As someone who is easily frustrated and overwhelmed, I find that it’s important to know what to look out for when I feel like I’m going to crash. In the past I’ve been someone who bottles things up and just lets everything out in one foul swoop. Hence why a digital detox is occasionally needed, constantly working towards a public image is just draining and that’s how I usually end up getting worked up.

I would love to know what helps my lovely readers relax, I hope that I’ve articulated the way that I feel in a way that you can all relate to. Despite my love of writing and blogging, I do struggle to talk about what’s going on in my head on a more personal level. Thank you so much for taking the time to take a read of my blog! I hope to hear from a few of you soon.


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