My Fitness Journey (2 Stone To Go!)

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My fitness journey began with excuses this year and I steadily go worse with my diet as the year went on, I was buying five £1 bags of chocolate almost every day and I ate a lot of pasta. I went up to a hefty 13 stone and I just felt sluggish and ill all of the time, my stay in Hong Kong was more or less ruined because I was constantly self conscious about my body. It was only very recently that I decided to put that behind me and fight for a fitter and healthier me, I know that I shouldn’t have made excuses but I’m pleased that I’m going for it now. I’m going to show you the photo that made me finally decide to do something about my lifestyle, it’s awful and I feel sick looking at myself in that state but it shows the weight that I was at. It’s from my trip to Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong so excuse the Queen!


Okay, so I wasn’t morbidly obese but I was uncomfortable and too heavy for my 5″4 frame. Since then it has been difficult to look at photos of myself without feeling upset and I’m pleased that I’m getting through it and making the effort that I should have put in months ago. In Hong Kong I constantly put it off until I got home and then when I was back in the country I had a hard time and used it as an excuse. I’m currently on a strict diet plan and I’m either at the gym or doing home workouts four days per week, I’m already feeling more ‘me’ and more healthy so it seems to be working. Luckily I have some really supportive friends boosting me up right now and I have goals. I would like to be at 10 stone as soon as possible, personally I would prefer to be a little under that but I don’t want to take weight loss too far so I’m going to play it by ear.

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Above is the picture I took most recently of my body to show how far I have come already in my lifestyle change. I plan to keep you all updated on my progress so be patient with me whilst I’m plodding along, I’m currently 18 days into this regime and I’m feeling really positive about both my body and the changes that I’m making. Please get in touch if you’re going through your own journey with fitness, I would love to talk to more people who are struggling with weight issues.


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