Treating Myself In The VS PINK Sale

vs pink

Victoria’s Secret has been a brand that has been increasingly more present in the last few years, with bigger names performing in the fashion shows and the growth of certain social media platforms… Yeah, it’s all over the place. Until now I never actually gave it a chance as I thought is was for the ultra skinny and those willing to break the bank for some underpants. It was actually on Instagram that I found out about the VS – PINK sale and after seeing their promo for it, I decided to take a look. Constantly on the lookout for a decent sports bra, I decided to test my luck and purchase their Ultimate Racerback Sports Bra in blue and purple. I also decided to grab a couple of face masks because I’ve had a few breakouts recently; The VS PINK Chill Out with Cucumber clay mask and the Now & Zen sheet mask.


As you can see, the sports bra fits but to be honest, it’s a pretty low impact bra that won’t support me for anything but yoga. Cardio is a no go in this one! Other than that, it seems to be quite good in quality and I do love the pattern – even if it is a bit louder than what I would usually go for. The material has a swimsuit kind of feeling with a soft mesh layer inside,Β  So all in all, I would give this sports bra a 6/10 but that’s mainly for the pattern and comfort. You know, 1 being topless and 10 being motionless boobs during activity.


I have quite oily skin around my nose and cheeks but I also get quite a bit of redness so I love a good face mask, the Chill Out with Cucumber face and body mask ticked all of my imaginary boxes on paper. I did not, however, think that it was any different from the other cheaper masks that I have tried in recent years. So I cleansed my face using a cleansing balm and applied the mask straight away, after 10 minutes my face felt tight and the mask started to flake away a bit. After washing it off I decided to use the Now & Zen mask as it dried out my face quite a bit and I thought that the sheet mask would perk my skin up a bit. Guys, I think I just found my beauty hero. It was relaxing, it smelled really fresh and it left my skin feeling soft and moistured – also, my redness problem looked like… less of a problem!

So yeah, I treated myself. Self love and all of that! My first impressions of VS Pink have been hit and miss but for the most part, I’m quite liking the brand and I do feel more inclined to give them another go. Perhaps I’ll grab a new pair of pyjamas next…



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