Seaton Carew Is The Epitome Of A Classic Brit Beach

Classic Brit Beach

Twitter is currently stating that a ‘staycation’ is the way to go this summer but where exactly can you go if you don’t want to be packed onto a beach like sardines in a tin? The general definition of a ‘staycation’ is a holiday in the country you reside in, destination in the UK that I find to be wholly underrated is Seaton Carew. I’ve written about how much I love Whitby and York but I spent a lot of my childhood going on caravan holidays across the country, not only that but my family used to be quite spontaneous about where we ended up on a weekend. The long-winded point that I’m making is that I have grown to love charming British seaside towns. I consider Seaton Carew to be a classic Brit beach because it has all of the main features of an ideal resort; amusements, rides, sea front and fresh fish and chips. It’s the kind of place that is timeless, there’s no Dominoes pizza shops or HMV – just good food and traditional attractions.


From the beach you can see a wind farm so the horizon isn’t perfect and the place itself has a rather industrial feel to it but it really is a charming little resort town. Saying that, the beach itself is clean and the front is certainly family orientated. You can stroll the beach and pop into Larry’s Lanes for a game of bowling or possibly even check out the coin dozers after a generous helping of fish and chips. The general feel is reminiscent of the introduction of leisure activities during the Victorian Era, as such it would be a perfect bank holiday destination. On the mouth of the River Tees, Seaton Carew is a truly Northern town and it has a wealth of history and culture surrounding the place. Well worth a visit if you ask me!


In my most recent trip to Seaton I went to Matteo’s Italian restaurant for lunch as I wanted something a little less greasy and I have to say, I was impressed. The staff couldn’t do enough to help, they were friendly and engaged with every single customer that came in. There was a delay with the food but we were told why and they explained the process of cooking the chicken so we would understand the reason. When the food finally arrived, it was worth the wait (which wasn’t very long anyway!) and I finished everything on the plate. To finish up we went out to the front to grab an ice cream sundae as seen in the photo above, I chose the Butterscotch one which was yummy – even if it broke my diet a teensy bit, I enjoyed every last scoop and I regret nothing.

I’d love to know if any of you have been there and what you thought about it, personally I love Seaton Carew and I hope people see how great this resort town is. Where do you like to go on your ‘staycations’?



  1. That area looks so pretty! I’ve never been there but if I ever go to the UK, I’ll see if I can go to this place. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading! It’s one of those places you don’t really think of if you’re not from the UK.

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