5 Lazy Girl Hacks For Long Haul Flights

Long Haul Flights

Calling all ladies new to long haul travel, you’ll thank me for this post later! When I went on my first flight over 4 hours I didn’t know any of this so if you’re reading this before hand then you’re way ahead of the curve. 10 hours is a long time to be on a plane so no matter what you do, if you fly economy class like I do then there’s going to be a certain degree of discomfort but with these tips you should at least feel prepared. I’m not going to lie, I am in no way organised and for my last trip away I packed the night before I set off and I was going for a month. Fortunately for me though, I knew exactly what to sort out when I eventually got around to doing it. With this in mind, I have titled this post ‘5 Lazy Girl Hacks For Long Haul Flights’ as I’m not going to tell you how to decant full size products into travel minis or whatever because not once have I done that and I’ve managed just fine.


My first travel hack is to keep versatility in mind when you choose your clothes; the perfect travel outfit is essentially gym gear. I would recommend leggings, a sports bra, comfortable underwear, a vest, a hoodie and a scarf. The temperature can range between stiflingly hot to pretty damn cold, airplanes as a rule are generally cool as a result of the cabin pressure and the circulation of the air so it’s always a good idea to layer your outfit when travelling. Additionally, comfy shoes are a must so trainers with a springy sole are ideal for the simple fact that you could be waiting in long queues and on the plane you may need to take them off so easy shoes like that work really well.

Following that train of thought, pack your carry on luggage wisely. Whilst you CAN take a small suitcase on the plane, I wouldn’t advise it as you have to carry it everywhere so anything heavy is a bit of a pain and it may minimise your legroom too if it has to go under the seat in front of you. I like to pack a small backpack; an empty water bottle (there should be a drinking water tap somewhere past security), cereal bars, spare underwear, travel wet wipes, a hairbrush, mini toiletries in a clear ziplock bag and any travel documents required. It’s all you need, anything else is an excess that really isn’t needed. Seriously, you’ll regret it if you take more than that as carry on luggage.

The next thing you need to know is that depending on the airline you can choose your seat before the flight, this is a personal preference thing but really you don’t want to be sat in the middle. If you know you are going to be active a lot during the flight you should go for the aisle seat as it means you can get up and move around without waking other passengers or tripping up. To avoid sitting with children, you should stay away from the front of the plane as that’s where families are usually placed on long haul flights. If you need more leg space, chose a seat on an exit row but be prepared to help out a little if something happens onboard to require an emergency landing.


As this post is for the travelling ‘lazy girl’, it’s only right that I should add the necessity of a travel pillow. My TOP TIP is to make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance of getting sleep, a travel pillow is your best bet for making yourself comfortable. Switching up your sleeping pattern a little before your flight can help with this, just by a few hours per day but it does help. This will decrease your chance of getting jetlag and with the aid of the travel pillow, you should be relatively fresh by the time you land. Going back to the last tip, if you plan on sleeping for the majority you are best off choosing the window seat so you can rest your head a little better.

The final hack for long haul travel is to check to see what upgrades are available, you can typically just ask at the check-in desk. I’m fairly sure that most airlines have an air miles service or rather a loyalty system so if you fly long haul regularly, you can make the most of your flight by using your points on future journeys. This means you can enjoy extra legroom, better meals or even better entertainment. Depending on how busy the flight is, it’s sometimes possible to nab a free upgrade but either way, it’s worth asking just incase there is something available.

So those were my 5 Lazy Girl Hacks For Long Haul Travel, I hope you find these useful on your next long distance flight. Let me know if you have any hacks of your own, I’d love to learn more if you know anything else!




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