Clichés & Cafédral Durham


Writing that post about Seaton Carew and ‘Classic British traditions’ recently got me thinking about some of the other things that us Brits are stereotyped to do. The main image that Americans get when they think of English people is the posh afternoon tea scene. Personally, I do love having afternoon tea. Scratch that, I just love tea but it’s in no way a posh thing and I think enjoying a nice cup of tea is something that’s underrated these days. Cake and scones are bonuses but I do adhere to the English tea party cliché, I’m not going clubbing anytime soon and my preferred catch up activity IS finding a cute café and chatting over a cup of flavoured tea.

This week I went out to Durham for a much needed catch up with one of my most treasured friends and she suggested Cafédral in the centre of the town. I was down with that because the images on Google looked bright and fresh which is a far cry away from the more ‘hipster’ scene in Durham.


So it’s a bit of a trek up the cobbled hill and if you’re not able to walk unaided then it’s probably not the best place to visit. However, it is a great café to check out if you want to go somewhere that has a friendly and homely atmosphere to it. The best way to describe the decor is shabby chic and the staff are very welcoming, even if you’re not keen on their menu it’s a great place to stop off for a cuppa. You can get soups, paninis, scones, sandwiches and yummy treats like homemade scones and cakes so I don’t think it’s likely to leave that place starving. I would have to say that it’s preferable to the usual Starbucks or Costa stop-off, it’s a nice change and I would love to return in the near future. Another plus is that it’s great value for money, I’m sure plenty of students crush their threshold and I don’t blame them.

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Durham has never been one of my favourite places, don’t get me wrong… It’s full of charm and it does have it’s good points but I usually prefer the more gritty places for shopping etc. As I was a student in Middlesbrough I usually find it easier to seek out cool places there but I do like to check out different places from time to time. Cafédral is one of the little gems that draws me back towards Durham and I hope to discover more places like this in the near future. The staff there are a credit to the café, it’s one of the friendliest café’s I’ve been to. I would say that they best way to describe the place is to call it warm, something that franchise coffee shops lack quite a bit these days. I would love to know if you have any other places in mind, the North East is kind of underrated in that way!


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