Holiday Chats: Body Confidence


Bod Conf

On the run up to our holidays, as women we all dread digging out our bikinis and for this reason we start the year off with good intentions; gym memberships, juicing, diets… Blah, blah, blah! When the time comes and we’re ready to jet off to a sunny destination, are we really ready? The short answer? No. As a social media fiend I see many fantastic holiday shots from celeb accounts; Perrie Edwards, Lily James, Lucy Hale to name a few! I’m sure men go through similar issues too but I can only personally talk about how I feel about it. It leads to a lot of overthinking and I end up drawing comparisons that don’t really apply to me anyway. I follow a lot of nutrition accounts on Instagram and the main message that keeps cropping up is about that seemingly unattainable ‘beach body’ that so many of us strive towards.


This time around I struggled a lot with my self image and I spent quite a lot of time looking at my legs and stomach in the mirror. I know, the secret to a ‘bikini body’ SHOULD be just to wear a bikini and be confident in your own skin but when you have a lot of insecurities it’s easier said than done. I went on a diet about 3 or 4 months prior to my holiday to Tenerife and I lost around 4 stone. However, I still don’t feel like I’ve reached the goals that I set myself before going away. I think because I put this pressure on myself it made my doubly self conscious of my stomach and my thighs, my ‘problem areas’. To try and push myself out of my comfort zone (sat in the hotel room preferably wearing a baggy jumper), I decided to post a bikini pic on social media to take away the pressure I put on myself. That way it was already out there and I had nothing to be ashamed about, I definitely think it’s something that helped me out.


Thanks for reading this post about body confidence and my own struggles with my self image, I’m working on getting better with it but it’s a slow process; I’d love to talk to some of you about your thoughts and experiences if any of you want to talk to someone about it. I feel like it’s the perfect time to discuss this topic as we’re now well into the summer holidays and I want to try to create a space that’s more open and friendly about mental health and confidence.


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