Treating Myself In The VS PINK Sale

Victoria’s Secret has been a brand that has been increasingly more present in the last few years, with bigger names performing in the fashion shows and the growth of certain social media platforms… Yeah, it’s all over the place. Until now I never actually gave it a chance as I thought is was for the […]


FOMO & My Vlogging Confidence Crisis

I have a confession to make; I get major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when I watch Youtube vloggers. Yes, most people do but I envy Youtubers because of their boundless confidence and the fact that their job is to inspire and to influence. I have personally always wanted to start a channel of my […]

Yo!Sushi For Non Sushi Lovers

I need to start by saying this is my fourth attempt at writing this post because WordPress keeps deleting my finished post. Note to self: Save posts as a word document first to avoid general huffyness and mild temper tantrums! So anyway, rant over! Recently I paid a visit to Yo!Sushi with a friend and […]

My Fitness Journey (2 Stone To Go!)

My fitness journey began with excuses this year and I steadily go worse with my diet as the year went on, I was buying five Β£1 bags of chocolate almost every day and I ate a lot of pasta. I went up to a hefty 13 stone and I just felt sluggish and ill all […]

Why York Should Be On Your UK Travel List

Since we have had yet another taste of summer today I feel like it’s the perfect time to write about a place that perfectly compliments hot weather. It’s almost as charming as Whitby and just as picturesque, I love the fact that it’s so tourist orientated. York is full of history; war museums, art museums […]

Relaxation & Reflection

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve just returned from a little break from the online world, on that note, I would like to talk about why it’s important to have a little ‘me time’ and to know when to take a step back from everything. Whilst I only restarted my blog recently, as […]

A Piece Of My Heart Will Always Be In… Whitby

In light of this gorgeous weather we’ve been having I would like to write a little about my most recent trip to Whitby and why it’s my favourite place in the UK. My dad’s side of the family used to go on caravan holidays there and so he has always had a love of Whitby […]

Hair Update: Blue, Purple & The Bizarre

So since my last update, I was left with patchy and uneven hair as a result of a less than successful dye from Arctic Fox. Since then I have used two different dyes and a diluted version with conditioner. As the dyes I use are only semi-permanent, I haven’t really had any damage that I […]

What On Earth Is Chondromalacia Patellae?!

I’m not sure if this kind of post is going to be too popular but as it’s about something that a lot of people struggle with, I thought it might be helpful to share my experience so far. I’ve read plenty of posts about injury and disability out of curiosity but I never thought that […]

Skin Stories: Bacne And Beyond

  As part of the next chapter of the Skin Stories series, it is important to be inclusive of the fact that skin issues don’t just occur on the face. For many, acne occurs on both the back and the chest rather than their face. I will once again start with a disclaimer and say […]