The Perfect Holiday Hair: Beachy Waves

Disclaimer: This post is not an AD, I just like the products that I’m using right now. I donโ€™t know about anyone else but on holiday I find that itโ€™s a bit of a pain sorting out my hair every day. Personally, when I go away I prefer to work with my hairs natural texture […]


Affordable & Simple Tattoo Aftercare

As a quick disclaimer before I start, I am not a dermatologist or a tattoo artist but I did a lot of research and asked friends and multiple artists about their top tips. Some of you may be aware that I got my first tattoo last month, for those of you that didn’t already know, […]

Hair Update: Blue, Purple & The Bizarre

So since my last update, I was left with patchy and uneven hair as a result of a less than successful dye from Arctic Fox. Since then I have used two different dyes and a diluted version with conditioner. As the dyes I use are only semi-permanent, I haven’t really had any damage that I […]

Skin Stories: Bacne And Beyond

  As part of the next chapter of the Skin Stories series, it is important to be inclusive of the fact that skin issues don’t just occur on the face. For many, acne occurs on both the back and the chest rather than their face. I will once again start with a disclaimer and say […]

Skin Stories: A Guest Post By The Petite Damsel (Sulochana and Rosacea)

The following post has been written by Sulochana from The Petite Damsel and goes through her Skin Story. My skin issue started when I was in college. When my friends that acne issues during high school days, I didnโ€™t even have a single pimple of my face, I had clear skin.. But it changed and […]

My Bad Experience With Arctic Fox

Hello and welcome to “I have more money than sense and I don’t even have much money”, today’s post is about something that I did on a whim. My bright idea this week was to freshen up my hair colour by applying a fresh blue semi-permanent dye over the existing composition. The colours that the […]

Skin Stories: A Life Long Struggle With Eczema

It’s nice to get back to writing this series, I have enjoyed doing my research and learning about the ways that people have struggled through their skin problems. Just a quick disclaimer before I get started, I am not a dermatologist but I will be speaking to people who have these skin conditions to get […]

The First Few Days After Going Bold

For anyone who follows me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m loving having funky hair again. I’ve noticed that a lot of people show a very ‘rose tinted view’ of having some of the more creative colours in their hair because, of course, it’s good for the ‘gram. Unless you’re new to having coloured hair […]

My New Mermazing Hair

So I finally did it, after hours of looking through photos of other bloggers (and being super jealous of their hair) I finally grew a pair and got myself a new mermaid do. Side note: my hairspo is always Zoe London and Helen Anders. I spent quite a bit of money ruining my hair as […]

Skin Stories: An Ode To The Red And The Blotchy

Everyone overthinks about what their skin looks like, even models aren’t always comfortable about having a bare face. It’s important to realise that no one is perfect and no one is 100% happy with their skin and, I’m not going to lie, it took me quite a long time to realise this myself! With this […]