Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

How do I even begin to describe Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine? Furthermore, how do I begin to describe Eleanor Oliphant as a character? I feel like the book itself was more complex than I anticipated. I chose this book because the good people of Instagram recommended it to me but also because I saw […]


Clichés & Cafédral Durham

Writing that post about Seaton Carew and ‘Classic British traditions’ recently got me thinking about some of the other things that us Brits are stereotyped to do. The main image that Americans get when they think of English people is the posh afternoon tea scene. Personally, I do love having afternoon tea. Scratch that, I […]

Signing Up For A Nutrition Course

Since starting a diet this year and actively trying to lose weight I have gained an interest in nutrition and the way that it impacts my body. Naturally I wanted to see if I could learn more so I have signed up for an online course with North Hertfordshire to do a Level 2 course […]

I Quit Uni (5 Months On)

5 months ago I made the drastic decision to quit university, I’m writing this post now because I know I wish I could have found a post like this when I was in the consideration stage. Standard human behaviour, contemplating making a big change in my life and I turned to Google. I found that the results were lacking in a positive light, a good number of people talked about their regrets and how they decided to restart the course.

An Update On My Body Progress

It’s been no secret that I’ve been on a diet for two months now, this post is a little update to let you all know where I’m at and some of the problems I’ve faced recently. If you want to read about the start of my journey first, I suggest you head over to this […]

Yo!Sushi For Non Sushi Lovers

I need to start by saying this is my fourth attempt at writing this post because WordPress keeps deleting my finished post. Note to self: Save posts as a word document first to avoid general huffyness and mild temper tantrums! So anyway, rant over! Recently I paid a visit to Yo!Sushi with a friend and […]

My Fitness Journey (2 Stone To Go!)

My fitness journey began with excuses this year and I steadily go worse with my diet as the year went on, I was buying five £1 bags of chocolate almost every day and I ate a lot of pasta. I went up to a hefty 13 stone and I just felt sluggish and ill all […]

Relaxation & Reflection

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve just returned from a little break from the online world, on that note, I would like to talk about why it’s important to have a little ‘me time’ and to know when to take a step back from everything. Whilst I only restarted my blog recently, as […]

What On Earth Is Chondromalacia Patellae?!

I’m not sure if this kind of post is going to be too popular but as it’s about something that a lot of people struggle with, I thought it might be helpful to share my experience so far. I’ve read plenty of posts about injury and disability out of curiosity but I never thought that […]

How I Perceive Body Image & My Current Weight Struggles

Body image is a tricky subject for most people and I’m not just talking about women, men have their struggles too. Personally, I feel like there’s too much pressure on people to either be slim or curvy in a sexy way and for those of us that fall into the middle bracket it’s difficult to […]